Hello! Welcome to my personal home page

Humm.... I guess your wondering what my page is all about right? Well it's a little of everything actually... me, my friends, things I like and my favorite songs and stuff like that...

Okie... umm... let me tell you a little about myself

Nickname: Icy

Age: 19

ICQ me to find out more 82894674

Favorite songs:

First Love by: Utada Hikaru

  • Just No Other Way
  • Can't get over
  • I Will Be Your Friend
  • by: CoCo Lee

  • What Will I doby: Natalie Burks

    Again by: Janet Jackson

  • Leon Lai Songs

    Move of love


    Thatz life

    You are my friend

    Happy 2000

    Sugar in the marmalade

    Try this #4 Try #5

    Try #6

    Try #16

    hehe... isn't this piece of sh*t cute!! me thinks so...

    Oh yah forgots to tell yah what I like to do on my free time.. hhehe catch up on my zzZZzzzzZZz.... yup thatz me... ZzzZZzzZZzzzzzz

    Friday, July 28, 2000 00:38:09 Pacific Daylight Time

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